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About Me

About Me

From Breaking Bad To The Wire

My design journey started at the University of New Mexico majoring in print journalism. My passion of a good story sealed the deal to become a journalist. I knew the way in which I crafted words could connect with someone and change their life. A daydreamer, asking questions are my strengths, which take on visual qualities. Questions such as, how can the words I create be more effective than more print. Part of the answer for that question was to move across the United States to attend Maryland Institute of College Art’s Post-Bacc graphic design program in Baltimore.  

MICA taught me the foundations of designing. The program increased my skills in typography, process, professional practices and design. Concentration in studio design exposed me to critical thinking and visualization of things around me. What excite me about design are the opportunities it offers to change peoples lives. While attending North Carolina State’s Master program, I combine my passion for a good story with design and research. NCSU's program teaches the mastery of design research and theory universally.  My goal is to offer my clients or an organization non-traditional solution to their thinking to create meaningful life moments with design. Understanding technology and current trends help me create the user experience beyond their desired results. An example is my thesis which investigates how technology and serious play can be used by college males to encourages positive eating behavior changes.


Fun  Facts

  • Teacher’s assistant for Design Thinking class at NCSU
  • A self starter, learned After Effects to complete school projects
  • Grow a mean beard
  • Love to mountaineer and rock climb
  • Favorite band is Future Islands


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Axure
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript  and Jquery
  • Design Research
  • Wireframe production and prototypes
  • Persona creation 
  • Animations 
  • Interaction Design




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Contact Me

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Have relocated from Raleigh, NC to Austin, TX working as a UX designer. Will always be a NC State Wolfpack!

(919) 590-0853